Six Brief Encounters With Angels Of God

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About six brief encounters with Angels of God

This post features six brief, miscellaneous encounters with Angels of God. I hope that they will encourage you to trust God in every circumstance.

Angels of God Help Students Writing Examinations 

Angels are very involved in human existence, even in relation to students’ examinations. I had been praying for some students who were writing school examinations.

The Angels told me that they go to the classrooms very early in order to guard the students.

This is very comforting.  God sends His  Angels to encamp around those who fear him, just as He did for Jacob at Mahanaim.

In a 2007 vision, I saw Archangel Gabriel flying to my country. He said that He was going to help a particular nephew.

I saw Guardian Angels’ wings over Foxie

Her name is really Foxie, a singer.  I saw this vision one Sunday morning as she stood near a doorway at the end of a church service. She had security guards with her.

However, as  I  looked over in her direction, I saw two huge angels’ wings over and behind her.  Her Guardian  Angel was right there to protect her.

The Angel and the hurricane

The angel was angry.   The one given into her charge was being harrased by a demon, so she decided to start a hurricane.

The only problem was that her charge began to rebuke the storm. The Angel had to obey.

Oops! She could not stop the storm.

The Angel went to Jesus and said, “Jesus, please help me to stop this hurricane..” 

Jesus looked at her consideringly and replied, “ask your elder.” That is how the Angel was able to dispel the hurricane.

The Angel who was 100 years old

Recently I met a couple with two endearing children. As my colleagues and I cooed over the children, someone asked the little boy about his age.   

To my surprise, he responded, “I am one hundred years old.”

As he enjoyed the attention, he engaged in childish chatter about monsters and other things. As he did so, he repeated the words, “I am one hundred years old.”

I said to him, “you must be an angel!”

His parents did not correct him about his age. This was unusual. Was he an Angel?

Guardian Angel Cheemese threatens to “tear up the place”

My Guardian Angel Cheemese was angry with the people in a particular place. He told me that he was going to tear up the island from its foundations.

I had to beg him to desist since I lived there and did not want to personally experience the event. This went on for a few days until he finally calmed down. This is the power of an angel (a key leader in the heavens).

I later regretted because of the trouble I experienced there. That is why he was so angry in advance.

Guardian Angel Igoni requested to change jobs

A Guardian Angel named Prince Igoni, thought long and hard about this decision. He then decided that it was the right one. He wanted a job change as guardian/caretaker of the little girl.

Guardian Angel Igoni decided that traveling the world in Jesus’ army would be a little more exciting.  Jesus told him that it was OK, but he had to ask permission from the child’s mother.

He met her one Sunday as she traveled on the subway. She met him as he stood guarding the doors adjacent to her seat. 

He appeared in the form of a tall, black, commanding man. He discussed the issue with the mother. Her response was, “OK, but who will look after my child?”

Angel Igoni was ready with the answer. His replacement was a female. She was on the train dressed in a blue African kaftan.

To the mother’s surprise, Prince Igoni was back at his caretaker job the very next week.

Why did he return? He returned because he missed the little one badly.

This is the love of the angels of the Lord.


Angels of God Help Students Writing Examinations 

Angels’ wings over Foxie 

The Angel said, “Stop that Hurricane” 

I am one hundred years old 

Angel Cheemese threatens to “tear up the place”

Angel Igoni changes jobs

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